We produces 2753 silicon resin self - extinguishable glass fibre sleeve , 2751 silicon rubber glass sleeve and HTG - 410 glass fibre threaded sleeves etc. by introducing of advanced equipments from abroad , and adopting of modern production technologies in the world. Products of the Co. had passed through the UL authentication of the U.S.A in July , 1994. With the superior quality of the products, all the customers are welcome to this Co. for cooperation.

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Silicon rubber glass lacquer sleeve is a insulating lacquer sleeve for appliances that woven with alkali-free glass fibre, vulcanizated under high temperature.
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2753 silicon resin self-extinguishable glass fibre sleeve is woven with alkali-free glass fibre, processed under top with resin copolymer of organic silicon.
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Htc-410 glass fibre theaded sleeve is woven with alkalifree glass fibre,processed for threading under top temperature,and then soaded with little cilicohydride cohesive agent
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Fiberglass sleeving coated with polyvinyl chloride resin
this kind of fiberglass sleeving is the non-alkali fiberglass sleeving coated with polyvinyl chloride resin it is produced with the process of thermoplasti-

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Fiberglass sleeving coated with acrylic resin  
This sleeving is manufactured with non-alkali fiberglass braided sleeving and coated with a layer of acrylic resinand then thermosetted to form insulating sleeving .it possesses reliable heat resistance,good qualities of dielectric, fair softness and elasticity benzene resistance and oil resistance It can be used for wiring insulation and as mechanic protection for electrical machinery, electrical appliances, electrical instruments, wireless sets and domestic electrical appliances.

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Fiberglass sleeving for carbon brush      
The fiberglass sleeving for carbon brush is the non-alkali fiberglass braided sleeving coated with adhesiveit posses excellent flexibility and smooth cut. It can be used as a cover for the pigtail of a carbon brush.

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