1.Properties and Usages

Mica board fro commutator is a kind of hard form insulating board formed from mica paper or mica piece after baked and pressed.  It has higher mechanical strength and is suitable to be sued as an insulator for D.C. motor commutator


Type Normal thickness L X W (Max)

Tolerance of thick %

Average value Individual value
PA5535 PA5536 PA5535-1 PA5536-1             0.3-2.0                    distance 0.05 1200x1000 \0.03 \0.05
PA5565-1 PA5562-2        0.2-3.0             distance 0.07 1200x1000 \0.03 \0.05
Note:The size can be changed as customer's request.

3.Main Technical standards

Main Technical Standards of Mica board for commutator have reached or partially surpassed the international standard (IEC) and Japan Industrial Standard (JIS)


Type Description Heat resist grade

Mica content


Density (g/cm2)

Bleeding resistance and displacement

Elastic Compression(%) Plastic deformation(%) Ratio of layer(%) Dielectric strength of media(kv/mm)
PA5535 Shellac commutator mica board B 95 2.2 Drops from adhesive or displacement shouldn't be find by eyes when tested under fixed temperature 3 5 3 Value−18
PA5535-1 Shellac commutator mica paper board B 95 2.2 3 5 3
PA5536 Epoxy commutator mica board B 90 2.2 4 5 3
PA5536-1 Epoxy commutator mica paper board B 90 2.2 4 5 3
PA5565-1(MT33) shellac commutator mica paper board C 95 2.2 3 5 3
PA5562-2(MU35) Alkyd commutator mica paper board C 95 2.2 3 5 3

The storage time is 6 months after delivery.


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