I.Properties and Usages

The standard is applicable to 6520 polyester film and insulating paper composite foil produced in the following process: the 6020 polyester film is covered with adhesive and then composed with the electrical insulating paper(QB342-73)

The 6520 polyester film and insulating paper composite foil is featured by its excellent dielectric performance and comparatively high mechanical strength, and is suitable to be used as insulations for the slot and lining and between convolution of electric motors and appliances.

II.Main Specification


The surface of the composite foil shall be smooth and be free from foreign matters and delamination except for the wrinkles, non-uniformness of adhesive layer and white spots within the thickness tolerance.


(1)The composite foils shall be supplied in rolls

(2)The width shall be 1000mm and the weight be 50kgs for each roll of the composite foil, the number of pieces for which shall not exceed 3 with 1m as minimum length for each piece.

(3)The nominal thickness and tolerance of the composite foil shall meet stipulations listed in Table 1 with the thickness of the polyester film being not less than 0.04mm.


There shall be no delamination and bubbling at the cut place when bent by 180º with white spot left by bending being allowed.

4.The mechanical properties and electrical performance of the composite foil shall meet the stipulations list in Table 2.

Note:The specifications beyond the above shall be subject to the consultation of seller and buyer.


Table 1.


Normal Thickness(mm) Tolerance (mm)
Average Value Individual Value

0.15  0.17

0.20  0.22

0.25  0.30







   Table 2




Average not below

Min. not below

1.Tension stress

   0.17mm and below



   0.20mm and above



2.Breakdown voltage

   (1)In normal condition

   (2)After bent in normal condition

   (3)After damped































IIIAcceptance Test,Package, Marks, Storage and Shipment

1.The items of delivery inspection shall be those of articles 1,2 and 3 as well as "Breakdown Voltage in normal conditions"
     in Table 2 of article 4 Every roll shall be inspected in conformity to articles 1 and 2.

2.The composite foil shall be wound onto the tubecore with the film facing outside and each roll shall be wrapped by
    waterproof paper and plastic bag before packaged in a packaging box.

3.The certificate shall be provided in each packaging box which shall be marked with the name of manufacturer, model, name
    of product, dimensions, lot No., net and gross weight and date of manufacture as well as the words of "handle with care"
    and    "protection against water" etc.

4.The composite foil should be placed vertically in a dry and clean warehouse with a room temperature of below 40ºC far
    away from heat source heating radiators and direct sunlight.  The storage period is one year counted from the date of
    delivery    and the composite foil exceeding the storage period may still be used on condition that it is up to the
    requirements stipulated in this standard when tested.

5.Damp and mechanical damage should be prevented during storage and shipment.


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