TJ241 Polyimide film Thermosetting and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape    

Standard No: q/12YJ4212-2002

Scope of Application: This product is made from polyimide film painted with F grade thermosetting and pressure-sensitive adhesive on single surface. This tape will be thermosetting at temperature of 170-180 for 3-4 hours. it can be used for H grade insulation of electrical equipment and cable.


 1.Appearance:the surface of the tape is smooth, without air bubbles and moving adhesive; adhesive layer Shall not shift; the edges of the tape is neat and without damage.


    1).length: total length of a reel of the tape is 40-60mm,thenumber of section shall be not more than 3 sections, the  length of smallest section shall not be less than 10m

    2).Width:10-50mm ,allowance is 1mm,when the width is more than 50mm,the allowance is 1.5mm;we can supply according to the requirement of customer.

    3).Thickness and allowance: we can supply tapes with different width according to requirement of customers, their allowance is 0.01mm.


No.      Description Unit Indx
1 Tensile strength      not less than Mpa 70
2 Elongation            not less than % 30

Adhesive force on base material                before and after solidification not less than

N/25mm 1.5
4 Adhesive force on copper material             before and after solidification not less than N/25mm 1.5
5 Electric strength Mv/m 70



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