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Insulating Materials  

        Product No.6520 Polyester Film Insulating Paper Composite Foil

        6650-Polyimide Film/Nomex Paper Flexible Composite Material(NHN)

        6640-Polyester Film/Nomex Paper Flexible Composite Material(NMN)

        Polyester Film/Polyester Non-woven Fabric Combined Flexible Material

        Thick Electrical Insulating Press Paper Board for Transformer

        Thin Electrical Insulating Press Paper

        Diamond Dotted Paper

        Theermally Insulating Paper

        Non-Alkali Fiber Glass Tape

        Insulating Crepe Paper (tape) for Transformer

        Polyester Film

        Polyimide film Thermosetting and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape    

        Non-woven Fabric

        Mica Products

        All Kinds of Insulating Fiberglass Sleeves

      Phenolic Paper Laminated Sheet

        3020;      3021,3021B,3021C;    F820,F820-1,F821


     Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Sheet

        3025,3025B,3025C;    3026,3027,3028;  F850,F851,F852,F853;


    Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet



        Round Molded Tubes

        Molded Rod

    UL Series PVC Insulation Cable and CL,CSA,AWM CSA Series Color-coded XLPE Insulation Cable

        UL 1007; UL 1011; UL 1012; UL 1013; UL 1014; UL 1015; UL 1016;

        UL 1017; UL 1018; UL 1019; UL 1020; UL 1569; UL 1617; UL 1618;

        UL 2468;

        UL 3266 CL 1252; UL 3289 AWM CSA; UL 3321 AWM CSA;

        UL 3173 CL 1251 CSA; UL 3271 CL 1251 CSA;

        UL 3272 CL 1251 CSA; UL 3398 AWM CSA;

Transformenr Components  

        Insulating Cylinder / End Insulation

        Insulator / Silicon Rubber Damping Products

        Dog Bone

        Paper Insulating Parts (End Rings,Clamping Rings,Stress ring,Narrow  clamping rings and end rings,Strips,spacers,Various molded parts)

Electric Valves

Metal Materials  

        CCA  Wire

      CCS  Wire

Beef and Edible by products  

        Beef striplion



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